our velmai portfolio covers over 25 countries
our velmai portfolio covers over 25 countries
Artificially Intelligent bots with EI, voice, auto translation & holograms
Artificially Intelligent bots with EI, voice, auto translation & holograms

our velmais cover all industries and functionalities

we do bespoke customisations but have specialised in PR, marketing, sales, Private Secretaries, transactions and more!

Virtual Empirical Lifeform with Multifunctional Artificial Intelligence

As of 07/04/17, velmai's "flagship" all-performing AI bot is live. Albert the Online Butler lives here on this website and will be expanding his reach to Facebook Messenger and other chat apps very soon.


Talk with Albert about his fellow velmais and ask him about what they do: Sophie, Sophia, Hans-Pierre, Charlie, Sir Loin and the Extreme Sports viledgers!


If you say the "wake words" or keyphrase "tania email" Albert will switch modes from New Client Acquisition, PR, sales & marketing for velmai to our Private Secretary and take encrypted messages.

Hans-Pierre, an event guide velmai

Hans-Pierre is our brand new trade show velmai who can also do


conferencing by telling visitors about

highlights at the event


film festivals by presenting the programme & chatting


tourism, by interacting with visitors about what they want to see & giving them advice on destinations & activities.


We are plugging in features like








We do encryption & cybersecurity!

Charlie, a news gathering velmai

Charlie is a very special velmai as he is our original prototype for an AI bot. He followed on from the viledgers in 2010 and we worked with the European Union's news feeds to create the content for him to work with.


He can be reactivated as a bespoke news gatherer and information presenter for your brand or news platform.


velmai's AI bot Charlie is a witty, sophisticated guy so be warned of his obtuse jokes and remarks!


You can watch the video MY OWN REPORTER at the bottom of this home page to see how Charlie the Spoof Newsreader was created for his original deployment:


to distribute News on Demand for the user chatting with him about Europe.


Note that velmai's original Charlie the Newsreader is still the only bot in the world whose bot brain can work with live RSS news feeds!


And he is more amusing than the CNN bot for sure.

Sophie, a financial services velmai

Sophie has been live on the Canadian chat app kik since April 2016.


She is a simple working demo of how a velmai can promote kik points and do a basic job by representing some brands online and engaging with young people aged 13 - 25, mostly in North America and in English.


velmai can create any type of character to run on kik as we have converted our proprietary algorithm VAIP to the Python language to connect to kik's API. Build costs begin at £15 000.


This velmai "Sophia the Online Market Researcher" was one of the first chatbots in the world to conduct a poll with humans online; in this video you can see her guiding a user through a multiple choice questionnaire about their financial plans and superannuation policies, before suggesting they speak with a "live agent" ie. converting the qualified lead into a prospect or new customer.

watch our super smart, really funny "Charlie the Spoof Newsreader" AI bot in action - here he is working for the European Union by searching for requested news articles about the EU for the reader/user. He was the first chatbot ever to work with live RSS news feeds in 2011.

and it all began 10 years ago in an Extreme Sports viledge [vile edge - village] with our pioneering Instant Messaging prototype chatbots, pre-Twitter, before the rise of IM and chat apps!

velmai can guarantee 100% data control

we are one of the few bot developers internationally who own their own code; our proprietary algorithm VAIP enables us to delete data and communications with our AI bots instantly upon a user's request as well as control its storage/security